Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts

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Threaded rods and eye bolts have a formed round hole on one end without thread and a blunt mechanical thread on the other end. It is very suitable for light applications, it is made of steel to increase strength, and it is designed to connect ropes or cables to the surface. The forged structure of the galvanized surface is durable and can increase load and bear pressure.

Zhejiang Weigao Fasteners Suppliers provides forged industrial eye bolts with various shanks and surface treatments

The eyebolt is a threaded rod with ahead. In shoulder eye bolts, the ring is used to secure accessories or loads, which is common in industrial applications. Ordinary eye bolts have a ring just above the threaded rod portion of the fastener, and the shoulder pattern has a shoulder between the ring and the threaded rod. They are used to fix the eyes to the structure so that ropes, cables, or other fixing devices can be connected to the structure.

Product Details

Executive standardGB70.1、ANSI B18.6.3
Product specificationsMetric M8-M48,UN1/4-4
Material/Grade4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 35#, 35CrMo, B16, A193 Gr.B7, A193 Gr.B7M, A193 Gr.B8, A193 Gr.B8M, A320 Gr.L7, A320 Gr.L7M, A2 (304) series, A4 (316) series, 660 series F51, F53 F55 nickel-based alloy materials, etc.
Product manual

Products are used in petrochemical, engineering, chemical, mechanical, nuclear power and other fields.

The surface treatment of the product includes: PTFE (Teflon), nickel plating (Ni), galvanized passivation, galvanized nickel, Dacromet, cadmium plating, etc. It can adapt to different corrosive environments. .