What To Do If The Full Threaded Stud Is Loose Inside


  A full threaded stud is a tool embedded in the ground […]

  A full threaded stud is a tool embedded in the ground or foundation, used to connect the ground or foundation to machines and equipment. Q235 steel is generally used, that is, light round. The steel bar is very strong, and the thread of the nut is not as easy as rounding. For round bolts, the depth is generally 25 times its diameter, and then a 90-degree hook with a length of 120 mm is made. If the bolt diameter is too deep, a square plate can be welded to the bolt end to make a large head. The burial depth and the hook must ensure the friction between the bolt and the foundation so that the bolt will not be pulled out. The full threaded stud has the function of fixing equipment and will not produce strong vibration and shock.

  1.full threaded stud is highly unqualified

  Cut off the excess part and re-machine the thread; when the bolt is low and the difference is less than 15 mm, use an oxyacetylene flame to make the bolt red, and then stretch the bolt.

  2.full threaded stud is loose inside

  When the bolts are loose, knock the bolts back to their original positions and shovel the holes of the foundation into large, medium, and small ends. Then, two vertical and horizontal round bars shall be welded on the bolts. The pit should be washed with water and grout, and the bolts should be tightened after solidification.

  3. Intermediate deviation

  If the bolt diameter is less than 30 mm and the center deviation is in the range of 10-30 mm, the bolt should be burned red with an oxyacetylene flame, and bend with a sledgehammer, and then the welded steel plate should be reinforced to prevent the bolt from returning to its original shape when tightening. . If the bolt diameter is greater than 30 mm and the deviation is large, the bolt can be cut off and a steel plate can be welded between the bolts. If the bolt strength is not enough, two steel plates can be welded on both sides of the bolt for reinforcement. The length of the reinforcement plate should be 3-4 times the bolt diameter.