What Is The Future Development Prospect Of Fasteners Suppliers?


  What is the future development prospect of the small […]

  What is the future development prospect of the small fastener company? Let's listen to high-intensity fasteners suppliers to analyze:

  1. There is a wide range of customers who require fasteners, and no one says that this industry will be replaced in the foreseeable future; so we are also called standard parts, which means that our industry has a very long life cycle. As long as there is an industry, it is inseparable from our industry. Because the industry will not be eliminated and there are so many customers, we can survive in this industry as long as we do not do poorly.

  2. Because our industry has a low gate, relatively easy entry, and a lot of peers, the competition is very fierce; especially our standard parts, because they are standard, everyone knows the price list, so the price is very transparent. Therefore, it is generally not sold at the price, and the profit is meager.

  3. For customers in the general machinery and equipment industry, their total purchase price of screws generally accounts for 0.5-2% of their total purchase price. Such a small proportion has caused the big boss to not pay too much attention to our screw purchase. In many cases, it is the purchase that has the final say. If the purchase can be done, there will indeed be huge profits in the screw industry (it doesn't feel much to sell to their boss if it doubles or doubles); but this is a higher risk. In the future, when accidents happen, customers are usually swept out.

  4. Fasteners in our country, the development of high-quality fasteners has become a major trend; low-grade fasteners are declining, if you want to cut into the market with low-grade fasteners, the prospects are not good.

  The above is what we share with you. For more relevant information, please pay attention to the website of our fasteners suppliers for a long time.