Treatment Of Deviation Problem Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt


  1. After inspection and measurement, if the hexagon s […]

  1. After inspection and measurement, if the hexagon socket head bolt you buy water has a small deviation in individual verticality, you should adjust it when the concrete curing strength reaches 75%. You can use a hammer to knock and hold it until it is correct. s position.

  2. For the hexagon socket head bolt with excessive displacement or not knowing that the fork is too large, you can use a steel chisel around it to find the appropriate depth of the concrete and then use gas cutting to cut it off, according to the specified length, diameter, and the same material after processing. Use lap welding on a section, and take corresponding compensation measures to achieve the specified position and verticality.

  3. For some individual hexagon socket head bolts with large displacement deviations, in addition to the lap welding method, the sidewall of the base plate aperture can also be expanded to adjust the displacement deviation under allowable conditions. Afterward, it should be covered with a self-made thick plate washer and welded to strengthen and fix it.

  4. Before the reserved hexagon socket head bolt hole is grouted, if the position of a reserved hole in the bolt is too large, the measures of enlarging the reserved hole wall can be used to adjust the accurate position of the hexagon socket head bolt..