The Bolt Factory Tells You Why Customers Like Us?


  With the continuous development of the economy, a lar […]

  With the continuous development of the economy, a large number of manufacturers of screw fasteners have emerged. During the development process, not only must the quality and performance of the screws be improved, but more importantly, when they need to serve customers. Make it more and more efficient, so that there will be more and more long-term orders. So how to improve efficiency?

  Weigao hardware products can not only provide timely supplies of customers during the service process but also will be responsible for packaging and after-sales services. Only after improving the service efficiency in this area, it can be seen that the number of long-term orders in the market will continue to increase. In the process of actual competition, the bolt factory must provide customers with the best products and services.

  Each bolt factory uses different equipment and technology in the process of processing, at least there are some differences in the quality and technology of screws from other manufacturers. Customers can see the difference after mastering the process flow between manufacturers. Different.

  When the customer is inaccurate, the technicians will choose a cost-effective variety of the finished screw according to the customer’s requirements. Then during the installation and tightening process, you can see the fit and recommended advantages of this screw. Customers can give us a higher degree of trust.

  1. Whether the raw materials are qualified

  2, whether the product size meets the standard

  3. Whether the product thread is qualified

  4. Whether the mechanical properties of the product are qualified

  5. Whether the surface treatment of the product is qualified, etc.