Rust Removal Method Of A Full Threaded Stud


  After the full threaded stud is used for some time, i […]

  After the full threaded stud is used for some time, it is prone to rust. At this time, it needs to be disassembled. Then, how should the full threaded stud be dismantled after it is rusted?

  1. If the rust is severe, you can hit it with a hammer to shake the screw.

  2. Choose a suitable special wrench, a suitable open-end wrench, or a Torx wrench, so that the disassembly will not slippery

  3. If the screw is attached to the steam valve, remember to cool it with water when it is still hot, otherwise, it is easy to break the screw teeth

  4. If the screw is broken, you can use a welding machine to burn a screw on it, but it is easier to unscrew the screw when it is burned and welded.

  5. Use rust remover, this can be said to be an artifact to remove rusty screws and nuts.

  6. Pay attention to force, don't use brute force, use the skill. It can be lengthened with pipes, which will save effort.

  After reading the above content, I believe everyone already knows how to remove the full threaded stud after it is rusted.