Opportunities And Challenges Facing China Fasteners?


  This year is a tough year for China fasteners industr […]

  This year is a tough year for China fasteners industry. China fasteners industry is gradually disappearing on the battlefield, and the future will contrast with soft power. The strong will be stronger, and the weak will withdraw from the industry.

  Now, these speculations are becoming reality one by one. Fixed the lack of improvement in the market of China fasteners. In the early stage of development, the performance of China fasteners merchants has slowed down. At the same time, the changes in the domestic and international environment have caused businesses to face unprecedented survival burdens.

  The domestic environment-raw materials and labor costs have risen, commodity costs have continued to decline, environmental protection has become stricter, and fierce competition has become fierce; the international environment-the Sino-US trade war has caused exports to shrink, and the China fasteners industry in the emerging market is booming. These unfavorable factors continue throughout the year. Of course, when the market suffers from a bottleneck, the new field of high-tech threshold shows unprecedented enthusiasm

  1. The growth rate slows down

  Numerical performance, although China's China fasteners market is still growing steadily, the overall improvement momentum has slowed down significantly. The promotion of China fasteners on the market has slowed down, and merchants have insufficient motivation to promote. In addition to the continuous increase in raw material costs and labor funds, China fasteners costs have continued to decline, which has compressed profit margins and affected the performance of China fasteners merchants.

  2. Trade friction

  The trade frictions that have lasted for more than half a year have affected the growth rate of the domestic economy to a large extent; in addition, they have also restricted the export of Chinese goods to a certain extent.

  3. Holding hands with state-owned assets

  This year, an obvious feature of the China fasteners industry is "the country advances and the people retreat". Many listed companies recommend strategic investors with a background of state-owned assets. However, there is a general concern in the market: after state-owned capital enters the market, will the main business and strategic positioning of these listed companies change in the future? After introducing strategic investors, how will the business development in the future? Everyone is looking forward to it. !

  Fourth, foreign companies raise prices

  This year, affected by the Sino-U.S. trade war, rising raw material prices, and increasing labor funds, businesses are facing a greater burden of survival, and foreign businesses are facing the same situation.