Matters Needing Attention When Maintaining Special China Nut


  To give full play to all the normal operation of mach […]

  To give full play to all the normal operation of machinery and equipment, as a small part of the machinery and equipment-the unique China Nut on-time maintenance seems very necessary. Now that the unique China Nut is necessary, to avoid some problems with the unique China Nut, you must pay attention to that level in the case of maintenance.

  1, remove the dirt

  The unique China Nut must be cleaned with aluminosilicate after heat treatment and hand-washed after the cleanup. Therefore, to avoid residue and dirt, you must be very careful when washing by hand.

  2. Unique China Nut accumulation damage

  Everyone sometimes encounters such a situation. The unique China Nut fades after heat treatment, and a thick residue appears after being infused with medical ether, which indicates that the surface of the unique China Nut is not clean. After analysis, it is found that this is due to the unscientific accumulation of unique China Nut during heating, resulting in mild air oxidation in the quenching oil.

  3. Surface residue

  High-strength China Nut has not carried out the cleaning of acid-alkaline cleaning equipment and insufficient inspection of the immersion tank will completely cause the milky white residue on China Nut, which is phosphate after the first inspection.

  4. Alkali scald

  If the unique steel China Nut enters the quenching oil without eliminating the surface alkalis, you will find that the China Nut will recover the heat from the heat treatment and become black and have a well-proportioned, level oil-black surface. As the China Nut was not cleaned and tidy, the lower surface layer was scalded at high temperature, and the damage was aggravated during quenching. Therefore, it is necessary to completely remove the partial alkali residue that will cause the unique China Nut to scald before the tempering treatment.

  5. Poor immersion

  Sometimes it is found that the unique China Nut of large specifications has been rusted within the test when the high-polymer solution heat treatment is applied to the unique China Nut with alkaline cleaning equipment. Therefore, to ensure that the unique China Nut does not rust during the dipping process, the dipping tap water should be replaced frequently.

  6. Excessive erosion

  Excessive embrittlement of the quenching oil will leave some gray-black patterns during the drying of the high-strength unique China Nut, which is the residue on the surface layer, which is the evolution of the liquid phase in the whole process of heat treatment. Therefore, it is proposed to add new oil.