Improvement Of Thread Sliding Problem Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt


  Hexagon socket head bolt appears in almost every aspe […]

  Hexagon socket head bolt appears in almost every aspect of our lives. It can be seen that its importance is self-evident. Due to the characteristics of the bolt itself, when the outer diameter of its thread is small, the outer diameter of the tooth is easy to slide, which affects its fastening. As a result, with the continuous improvement of technology, many processing plants have improved the technical problems of thread sliding and standardized production of threads. Once the right material and thread are selected, the hexagon socket head bolt can be made harder and more tightened.

  For the hexagon socket head bolt manufacturer, during processing, if the processing temperature is not well controlled so that the heating temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the quality of the hexagon socket head bolt thread. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the surface of the product to oxidize and reduce the surface quality. If the temperature is too low, the resilience of the product after bending will decrease.

  In addition, after quenching, the bolt surface will be deformed. In order to reduce the deformation, the processing plant generally uses cooling water to cool at a slower speed, thereby reducing the internal stress of the bolt.

  In order to improve the thread sliding problem of the hexagon socket head bolt, when selecting raw materials, attention should be paid to the strength and corrosion resistance of the raw materials. The selected materials must meet the relevant national standards. If the selected materials do not meet the performance requirements of the bolt itself, it will lead to The hexagon socket head bolt cannot sell torque when in use.