Improvement Of Thread Sliding Problem Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt


  Due to the practical characteristics of the bolt itse […]

  Due to the practical characteristics of the bolt itself and other problems, the outer diameter of the threaded tooth is small, and there are ordinary bolts, and when the outer diameter is small, the outer diameter of the tooth will slide. At present, the manufacturer of hexagon socket head bolt has improved the thread sliding solution, standardized the use of threads, selected suitable threads, customized or purchased suitable threads, and used high-quality bolt materials, which made the threads more rigid And the manufacturer of hexagon socket head bolt has assembled high-strength bolt connections, and the high-strength bolt connection pair is assembled at both ends.

  Regarding the products of the hexagon socket head bolt manufacturer, whether the processing temperature of the product is too low or the heating temperature is too low, the spring back cannot be reduced well after bending. If the heating temperature is too high, there are too many surface oxide scale workpieces, which will affect the workpiece Surface Quality. After quenching, the workpiece may be deformed. To reduce deformation, use oil as cooling water during quenching, choose a slower cooling rate and reduce the internal stress of the workpiece to reduce the deformation of the workpiece after quenching. The production practice of the effect of the above-mentioned processing technology is completely feasible. With the advancement of science and technology, the requirements for materials are getting higher and higher.

  Currently, standard parts have their requirements for the production of raw materials, most of which are made of steel wire or steel. Manufacturers of hexagon socket head bolts can use them to produce hexagon socket head bolts and other fastening parts, especially according to the strength requirements and material corrosion resistance requirements under working conditions. The final applicable materials are selected according to relevant national standards. The length of the screw is not enough and the hardness is not enough to withstand the corresponding torque. The torque that cannot withstand the strength of the screw and the appropriate torque result in an insufficient combination of each other.