How To Maintain The Hexagon Flange Bolt Correctly?


  When the hexagon flange bolt is used, it needs to be […]

  When the hexagon flange bolt is used, it needs to be fitted with a nut to be able to achieve a tightening effect. If it's packaging, transportation, and storage methods are improper, it will easily cause the thread to be crushed and the bolt surface to rust and corrode. Weigao Fasteners Suppliers below Introduce how to maintain it correctly.

  Hexagon flange bolt maintenance three steps

  1. The manufacturer needs to supply the connection pair that matches the hexagon flange bolt, and the packing box of each bolt needs to be equipped with a matching washer so that it can be placed in the transportation without being affected by the bumps and vibrations of the road, and it can also play a role. The role of sealing and waterproofing.

  In addition, before leaving the factory, you need to bring the product's certificate and quality assurance certificate in the packaging box, and the actual quantity, batch number, and standard of the product in the packaging box need to be marked on the outside of the box.

  2. No matter in the process of transportation or loading and unloading, violent transportation and loading and unloading is not allowed, especially the threads on the surface of the bolts cannot be damaged. If the Rottweiler is damaged during transportation and storage, Then the bolt cannot be used.

  3. When storing, the hexagon flange bolt connection pair should be stored in the whole box, and the floor of the warehouse should be flat and not too wet. When storing, it needs to be placed in different categories according to the batch number and standard for future search and use. If the warehouse is a mobile room, the bottom layer needs to be prevented and raised above the ground, generally 300 mm away from the ground. It is necessary to pay attention to the number of yard-high floors not to be too high to avoid collapse.

  Hexagon flange bolt maintenance content is introduced here. It can be known that its maintenance is not a simple matter. In normal times, whether it is packaging, transportation, or storage, it needs to be taken seriously.