How To Deal With Bolt Appearance


  The appearance treatment of high-strength bolts, stai […]

  The appearance treatment of high-strength bolts, stainless steel bolts, bolts, and American bolts is a process of forming a covering layer on the surface of the workpiece through a certain technical method. The intention is to give the product a beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion effect. It comes down to the following methods

  1. Bolt electroplating: Immerse the parts subjected to electroplating in an aqueous solution containing the deposited metal compound, and pass current through the plating solution to separate the electroplated metal and deposit it on the parts. Generally, electroplating includes zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, copper-nickel alloys, etc. Sometimes boiling black (blue), phosphating, etc. are also included.

  2. Hot-dip galvanizing is completed by immersing the carbon steel parts in a plating tank with molten zinc at a temperature of about 510℃. As a result, the iron-zinc alloy on the outer surface of the steel part gradually becomes the passivated zinc on the outer surface of the product. Hot-dip aluminizing is a similar process.

  3. Mechanically plated particles of the coated metal to impact the appearance of the product, and cold weld the coating to the appearance of the product.