How To Check The Quality Of China Fasteners?


  Stainless steel China fasteners are not suitable for […]

  Stainless steel China fasteners are not suitable for packaging, storing, and transporting polymer mixtures containing chlorine or plastic objects. In addition to China's fasteners products, there are titanium alloy materials, so it is not suitable for the storage and transportation of plastic suction cups and packaging boxes.

  In a high-temperature environment, alloy fastener products should not be in direct contact with sulfur, and special attention should be paid to direct contact with sodium and sulfur in the air, otherwise, corrosion damage will only occur. Rubber materials and objects should not be directly exposed to sunlight. Be careful not to put it directly with organic matter such as acid and alkali, otherwise, it will be easily deformed and other accidents will occur.

  In general, the storage cost of China fasteners and alloy steel data is relatively low, but the overall storage cost of relatively expensive stainless steel fasteners and relatively long storage time is still relatively high. Anchor cables are general fasteners. Because of their relatively low storage cost, it is also necessary to be careful not to directly contact acids and alkalis to prevent damage.

  Fastener flat gasket seal: This is a forced seal. Washers made of soft material or metal are placed between the connecting surfaces. Under the action of the pre-tightening force of the bolt, the uneven part of the contact surface (that is, the gap or hole where the medium may leak) is extruded and filled with the plastic deformation gasket material, to achieve the purpose of the container.

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