Frequently Asked Questions About China Nut?


  Problem one, the head of China nut is deformed. This […]

  Problem one, the head of China nut is deformed. This problem is probably caused by the improper adjustment of the machine or the improper punch in the China nut mold during the production process.

  Problem two, the head of the China nut is not round. This problem often occurs during the production of China nuts by a fastener company. Generally, the screw die and the punch die are not full during molding.

  Problem three, China nut has some burrs. This is mainly because the mold is not well-formed at the first punch, and this problem will be caused when the punch is relatively short.

  Question four, a crack appeared on the head of the China nut. This may be caused by the unqualified wire of China nut. Therefore, before we produce China nut, we must carry out a strict inspection on the wire of China nut. When we find unqualified wire, we must not produce it. For example, when we are testing, each data must be out, so that we can judge whether the wire is qualified or not. There are also problems that the mold is incorrectly placed and the lubricant forgot, etc.