Fasteners Suppliers Outline Product Maintenance Issues To Be Aware Of


  Fasteners, although small, but a huge role, the use o […]

  Fasteners, although small, but a huge role, the use of fasteners need regular maintenance, to ensure that fasteners more secure use, and can extend the life of fasteners, improve the performance of the use of mechanical equipment. So do you know the do and don'ts of fastener maintenance? Next, follow our professional fasteners suppliers to learn more about this.

  1, in the fastener quenching treatment, to use a silicate cleaning agent to clean the above impurities, and then carefully rinse, to avoid the fastener above the residual impurities, affecting its normal application.

  2, fasteners in the tempering process, it may change its color, in the fasteners soaked in the ether after a period of time, there will be an oily substance, the appearance of such a situation indicates that the fastener is not clean enough. After the analysis, it will be found that the fasteners are not very reasonable when heated, fasteners in the quenching oil may have some small oxidation phenomenon.

  3、If there is a white substance on the top of the fastener, it is likely to be some phosphate. The reason for this phenomenon is due to the failure to use the acid cleaning machine for cleaning, and yo ah checks the rinse tank when not careful enough.