Damage And Maintenance Of A Custom Bolt


  Nowadays, many custom bolts are not properly maintain […]

  Nowadays, many custom bolts are not properly maintained, which leads to the damage of custom bolts. So how should the maintenance of custom bolts be carried out? Let's take a look at the editor below.

  1. The stacking of the screws during the tempering and heating process should be combined, otherwise, it will cause slight oxidation in the quenching oil.

  2. When rinsing the screws, because this process is very important, you need to be very careful, and there will be residues on the surface of the screws during the process. The rinsing step is after the silicate cleaning agent is cleaned.

  3. The standard parts of parts will rust during rinsing, and the water used for rinsing should be replaced frequently.

  4. Excessive corrosion indicates that the quenching oil has been used for too long, and new oil needs to be added or replaced.

  5. White phosphide residues will appear on the surface of high-strength screws, indicating (the first point) the inspection is not careful enough during operation.

  6. If it is found that there is blackening on the surface of the parts and chemical reactions, it means that the work of the heat treatment is not done thoroughly, and the alkaline residues on the surface have not been completely removed.

  After reading the above content, I believe everyone already knows how to maintain custom bolts.