China Nut Effectively Prevents Corrosion


  What are the effective anti-corrosion products of Chi […]

  What are the effective anti-corrosion products of China nut? In this time of rapid technological change, the competition between products is very fierce, and the speed of upgrading similar products is also very rocket-like, so what kind of product is under this situation Can you have a certain advantage in the market? I remember a saying that said, "You have nothing but I have, you have my advantage". If it is used in the range of products, it probably means that your product does not have something, My product has it, or a certain function of my product is not possessed by your product, the next sentence you have my advantage, you can record for the same product, then mine can already record and search Now, this is the pace of updating. It can also be said that your product can be used for one year, while my product can be used for one and a half years, or even two years. So China nut is the last word of this sentence. It has corrosion resistance than other standard parts does not have, and it has more advantages compared with similar products.

  China nut has the advantage of effectively preventing corrosion. Because zinc has a particularly powerful anti-atmospheric corrosion mechanism, it can protect objects mechanically and electrochemically, so the zinc protective film on the surface of the zinc layer can slow down the corrosion of zinc to a certain extent under atmospheric corrosion conditions, and this The protective film also has the function of regeneration. If the protective film is damaged, a new film will be formed. Therefore, the zinc is attached to the standard parts by hot-dip, so that the standard parts can be effectively protected from corrosion.