China Custom Bolt Wholesaler Takes You Through Metal Corrosion


  Not long ago, China custom bolt wholesaler--Zhejiang […]

  Not long ago, China custom bolt wholesaler--Zhejiang Weigao Standard Parts Co., Ltd. brought us to understand what is metal corrosion, metal corrosion refers to its fusion of acid and alkali liquid, acid and alkali gas, intermediates, solutions, alcohols, etc., the corrosion occurs so that the metal loses its properties. So what causes this? Let us continue to answer that for you today!

  There are many causes of metal corrosion, with the impurity of metal being one. Metal impurity refers to its content of certain impurities, different metals have their different potentials, due to the potential of the debris is higher than the metal, resulting in the loss of electrons at the anode, resulting in corrosion, which is one; the second is the metal moisture content is different, as we all know, the soil contains a certain amount of water, the oxygen content is small, the metal is the anode, so in the soil is prone to corrosion.

  Different kinds of metals combined can also corrode. The reason for this is that the more active metals have low potential and are prone to corrosion. Like a copper switch to a steel pipe versus a pipe, the steel pipe will corrode and the copper will be protected compared to the copper.

  These are all the reasons why we have been able to bring you all the information that we need. If you want to know more please to stay tuned, and if you want to buy or customize screws, you are also welcome to stop by and ask!