Anti-loose Effect Of Hexagon Flange Bolt


 Hexagon flange bolt is a kind of connection that is co […]

 Hexagon flange bolt is a kind of connection that is conducive to variable forces. There are special high-strength bolt fasteners on the steel structure. The main function of the hexagon socket flange bolt is to increase the link area of the components, thereby increasing the friction between the two, to prevent the workpiece from loosening during the rotation process, which can relax The effect of locking.

  Secondly, the hexagon flange bolt can replace ordinary hexagon bolts with flat washers and spring washers under certain circumstances, and to a certain extent, the anti-loose effect is better. Our weigao standard parts company produces various types of flange bolts, whether it is an inner hexagon or an outer hexagon flange bolts, which are produced by national standards and meet national indicators. They can be customized according to customer requirements. , The dimensional tolerance is very small, basically negligible, and it is generally applied to the fasteners of mechanical equipment. If you are interested in buying this product, you can contact our company.