Anti-corrosion Measures For Hexagon Socket Head Bolt


  Hexagon socket head bolt is a kind of bolt. It is a p […]

  Hexagon socket head bolt is a kind of bolt. It is a processing technology formed based on bolts. It is a type of fastener composed of two parts: the head and the screw (cylinder with external thread). It needs to be matched with the nut to fasten and connect two Hole parts. According to the shape of the head: there are hexagonal heads, round heads, square heads, countersunk heads, and so on. Among them, the hexagonal head is the most commonly used.

  Hexagon socket head bolt anti-corrosion should avoid or slow down the influence of humidity, high temperature, oxidation, chloride, and other factors. The commonly used methods are as follows:

  1. Hot-dip galvanizing: The process and method of immersing the pre-treated parts in molten zinc to form zinc and zinc-iron alloy coatings on the surface. The thickness of the zinc layer is 65-90um. The zinc layer of the galvanized parts should be uniform, smooth, free of burrs, drips, and excess agglomeration. The zinc layer should be firmly combined with the steel rod, and the zinc layer should not be peeled off or raised.

  2 Plastic spraying treatment: After hot-dip galvanizing, the spraying treatment should be carried out. The sprayed powder should be an outdoor special powder, and the coating must not peel off or crack. Plastic spray treatment can further improve the anti-corrosion performance of steel poles, and greatly improve the beauty and decoration of light poles. There are also many choices of colors.