Questions To Pay Attention To When Buying China Fasteners


China fasteners should indicate the product name and standard number when ordering. Products with mechanical p···

     China fasteners should indicate the product name and standard number when ordering. Products with mechanical performance grades should be marked with performance grades. When purchasing, first determine what kind of screws are needed, then what materials are needed, and then determine what screw specifications are needed, and then how many quantities are needed, whether there are packaging requirements, how to receive the goods, and so on. The specific inspection items of each part have different regulations according to different products.

  Common China fasteners include mold China fasteners, automobile China fasteners, and so on. When a product is widely used in the industry, it is a general-purpose component; the general-purpose component standard is usually formulated by enterprises in the industry and accepted by the industry so that the corporate standard becomes the de facto industry standard, which can also be called the industry China fasteners.

  1. Choose China fasteners correctly:

  (1) Before use, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product can meet the use requirements (such as the tensile strength of the bolt and the safety load of the nut);

  (2) The length of the bolt should be selected appropriately, based on the 1-2 pitch of the exposed nut after tightening.

  2. Reduce friction coefficient:

  (1) The thread must be kept clean;

  (2) Appropriately add lubricant (such as 40# engine oil, butter) before use.

  3. The correct method of operation:

  (1) The nut must be screwed perpendicular to the axis of the screw, and do not tilt;

  (2) During the tightening process, the force must be uniform, and the force must not exceed the safe torque value;

  (3) Use torque wrenches or socket wrenches as much as possible, and avoid using adjustable wrenches or electric wrenches;

  (4) Cooldown when using under high temperature, and do not rotate fast when using, so as not to lock up due to rapid temperature rise (such as an electric wrench, etc.).