What Determines The Quality Of China Fasteners?


China fasteners wire determines the quality ofChina fasteners. Whether it is standard parts, non-standard Chin···

      China fasteners wire determines the quality of China fasteners. Whether it is standard parts, non-standard China fasteners, long China fasteners, specialty China fasteners, combination China fasteners, special China fasteners, or stainless steel China fasteners, their quality and performance are all good and bad, so what determines China fasteners quality? 

  China fasteners produced by bad China fasteners wire may have the following poor quality problems:

  1. China fasteners head burst. Because the hardness of the bad China fasteners wire is not enough, the bad China fasteners wire likely has impurities. There is a head burst phenomenon.

  2. The screw of China fasteners is pitted. Defective China fasteners wire has impurities and bad pitting. No matter how to electroplate, the pitting cannot be covered with plating. You can only use sanding to polish the screw very smoothly. Take it for electroplating.

  3. The thread of China fasteners cannot pass through the stop gauge. Defective China fasteners wire Because the wire diameter of China fasteners wire does not meet the requirements, either the wire diameter is too large or the wire is too small. As a result, the thread that is rubbed out can pass the general gauge, but cannot pass the stop gauge. Either the pass and stop regulations cannot be passed at the same time.

  The above is due to the bad wire of China fasteners, which leads to the problem of bad quality of China fasteners, and the manufacturer of China fasteners will sort it out for you. Of course, there are more than three types of defective wires in China fasteners. There are many more. I will not introduce them one by one here. However, the above three are typical China fasteners wires that lead to poor quality problems of China fasteners produced, so special attention must be paid to them.